Beware of 'independent' reviews!  Many are written by the marketing team or PR company. They are usually amusing to read, but don't get taken in! With most sex toys, once you have opened the packaging you cannot return them for 'hygiene' reasons. Just because it doesn't deliver those promised 'earth shattering orgasms' you still won't get a refund. So they make great claims that they don't have to support.  Once you've bought it you're stuck with an expensive but ineffective vibrator that you'll never use again.

Therefore we don't publish our own reviews. Lovehoney has a great website with many independent reviews, so we recommend you read these.

tingletip comes with a '30 day guarantee'. If you are not totally satisfied we will refund your money in full within 30 days of purchase, even if used.

"If Carlsberg made toys ...."        Lovehoney reviews & video

The Alan Titchmarsh Show
tingletip head-to-head with the cone for Julie Peasgood's 'Sin Bin'

DIVA magazine Voted 'best sex toy' by readers of DIVA, Europe's leading female gay magazine

tingletip voted Best Sex Toy by DIVA magazine


  • 'Best in test'
  • "Very intense and it certainly does the job.  I came like a train”
  • "4/5 for aesthetics - it’s small, neat and very discreet"
  • "5/5 for function - because this one works"
  • "It’s so small and good for travelling…The best tenner I’ve spent in ages"