tingletip massage head

tingletip massage head

tingletip is a small, powerful, discreet clitoral stimulator developed specifically for women to help achieve and enhance orgasm.

tingletip is very similar to an electric toothbrush head, but with the bristles replaced by a smooth, rounded vibrating surface.  It fits the leading brand* electric toothbrush in the same way as a toothbrush head. 

* fits most Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes.  See details here

tingletip is designed to vibrate directly at the point of contact with a 'contra-rotating' action, delivering all the power to where it is most effective.  This design and control enables tingletip to deliver the powerful vibrations of a mains powered device, but with the size and convenience of battery power.

tingletip is powerful, small, discreet, convenient, and ideal for traveling.  Because of this tingletip has become many peoples favourite vibrator.  Don't just take our word for it. Read the independent reviews